Welcome to Touch – Access Door Entry Systems

“Open a Locked Door by Touching it”
Touch-Access (TA) is a patented door entry system that permits an authorised user to open a locked door just by pushing it open, with a fob in their pocket or purse.

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How does it work?

Our battery operated electronic handle is fitted to the door.   A user carries a TA fob in their pocket or purse. To gain access, the user simply pushes on the handle.  A signal transmits from the proprietary fob, over the body skin, to the handle.  If authorised, the signal operates the handle to allow access.  The door is now open in one fluid movement.
 The technology can be applied to motorised locks and access readers similar to RFID but without the need to physically present a token. TA offers secure and convenient access for the disabled, senior citizens and for those with busy hands in the work place.


Convert RFID to TFID (Touch-Access)

Upgrade an existing RFID device with Touch Access. Provide convenient and secure access with our dual fob technology for health care, hospitality and senior citizen living.
 With secure patented TFID technology, RFID signals can now travel directly over the skin instead of through the air which ensures secure transmission and encryption of the signals using proprietary fobs.